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is the problem? >> well, i was hopeful today to hear some straight answers from mr. miller. it didn't happen. so as the viewers watched and as the members of congress participated in the conversation and the exchange in questions and answers, it became very obvious very quickly that mr. miller was not there to take responsibility. in fact, he said, look, i'm not comfortable with the word "targeted." that didn't go on. he offered an apology. but then he offered excuses immediately after that. he wouldn't even in my questioning acknowledge the fact that certain groups were treated differently. he answered, in fact, he answered no to that question. then what i asked him, is it not your responsibility to provide the information that you knew about this situation to congress? he would not answer that question. so, chris, you know, today i think was really a sad day for america as people watched this interview, because the -- it starts with the leadership. and the leadership, today, in the irs, showed arrogance, showed a lack of concern and brushed the, in my opinion, just sort of brushed the issue as
to find out -- >> mr. miller, does this committee have the right to know the information that you knew? yes or no? >> this committee was always going to get that information. >> yes or no, that's an easy one. you testified before this committee, mr. miller, and did not -- >> we were not going to -- >> please, mr. miller. >> reporter: alex, there were a lot of questions about what the administration knew and when he knew it. the commissioner said he made administration officials aware that he was launching an investigation last year but did not provide specifics. jack lou said he became aware of the specifics of the investigation last week, and white house officials and the president said that is also when they became aware of the specifics in this investigation. political analysts say that scandal coupled with, of course, the ongoing questions about the white house's handling of the benghazi incident and then, of course, also this week we learned the department of justice was seizing e-mails from journalists. all of that, according to political analysts, could threaten the president's
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)